Rules for ACL Yoshiro Irino Memorial Prize and

Successive Winners/Their Works


This Prize was established at the 7th ACL Conference/Festival in Hong Kong, 1981, to commemorate the achievements of the late composer, Yoshiro Irino, one of the Founders of the ACL. The prize is given to the most outstanding work performed during the ACL Festival by a composer of the host country under 40 years of age.




Normally the prize is awarded in conjunction with each Asian Composers' League Conference/Festival to an outstanding work by a composer from the host country.


Composer must be less than 35 years old on the date of each Conference/Festival.


An award committee of five members shall be formed to select the deserving work and shall be nominated by the chairman of the ACL.


The award shall consist of a each prize of US$1.000 and a plaque.


The outstanding work shall be selected for its creative merits and perception of an Asian-Pacific aesthetic.


The selected piece shall be featured in the current ACL Festival as well as concerts in coun­tries of individual national committees before the next ACL Conference/Festival.


The ACL Executive Committee shall designate the manner and the date of submission and entries.


The decision of the award committee shall be final and irrevocable.


A cash prize shall be given to the winner by the JML Seminar Yoshiro Irino Institute of Music in Tokyo and a plaque shall be given by the ACL Executive Committee.










The 1st         1981, March

                     Hong Kong, the 7th ACL Conference and Festival

                     Law Wing Fai, Dionisus Fantasia


The 2nd         1983, December

                     Singapore, the 8th ACL Conference and Festival

                     Phoon You-Tien, Autumn


The 3rd        1984, December

                     New Zealand, the 9th ACL Conference and Festival

                     Cuong Nguyon, Phoenix Dance From Scratch Pacific


The 4th         1986, October

                     Taiwan, R.O.C., the 11th ACL Conference and Festival

                     Tzyy-Sheng Lee, Reversing


The 5th         1988, October

                     Hong Kong, the 12th ACL Conference and Festival

                     Chang Wing-Wah, Transit for Orchestra (1988)


The 6th         1990, March

                     Tokyo/Sendai, the 13th ACL Conference and Festival

                     Tan Dun, On Taoism


The 7th         1992, December

                     Wellington/Auckland, the 14th ACL Conference and Festival

                     Jerone Speak, Plagal Nuances


The 8th         1993, October

                     Seoul/Taejon, the 15th ACL Conference and Festival

                     Jie-Sun Lim, TONE POEM: The Shield of Achilles


The 9th         1994, May

                     Taipei, R.O.C., the 16th ACL Conference and Festival

                     Wang Sue-ya, Theme et variation pour violoncello et piano


The 10th        ??


The 11th        ??


The 12th        ??







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